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Phrasal Verbs

    find out

    Meaning: to discover a fact or information about something

    weigh in

    Meaning: to be weighed before participating in a sport like boxing or horse-racing

    turn away

    Meaning: If someone turns you away, they don't allow you to enter a place. 

    turn up

    Meaning: to increase the volume, heat, power, etc. of an appliance by turning a knob or pressing a button

    factor in

    Meaning: to include a certain item when calculating or planning something

    come to

    Meaning: to add up to a particular total 

    pack up

    Meaning: If something packs up, it stops working and needs to be fixed.

    get out

    Meaning: If you get something out, you remove it from whatever it's in.

    turn down

    Meaning: to decrease or lower the volume, heat, power, etc. of an appliance by turning a knob or pressing a button

    let off

    Meaning: to give someone little or no punishment for doing something wrong

    get up

    Meaning: to stand up or to get to one's feet

    hunt down

    Meaning: If you hunt down someone, you try to find them and capture or kill them.

    call off

    Meaning: to cancel an event that was planned or scheduled

    occur to

    Meaning: If a thought or an idea occurs to you, it comes to you.

    associate with

    Meaning: If you associate with someone, you regularly spend time with them.

    resort to

    Meaning: to do something you'd rather not do only because better options or solutions are not possible

    take off

    Meaning: If a plane takes off, it leaves the ground and rises into the sky.

    jam up

    Meaning: If something jams up, it can't work properly because one of its moving parts is jammed by something.

    take out

    Meaning: If you take somebody out, you invite them to go out with you, usually for a meal or entertainment. 

    cut out

    Meaning: If you tell someone to "Cut it out!", you want them to stop doing something annoying.

    print out

    Meaning: to make a printed copy of a document 

    advise of

    Meaning: If you advise someone of something, you tell them about it.

    toy with

    Meaning: to think about doing something, but not very seriously 

    run down

    Meaning: to hit somebody with a vehicle such as car or a truck


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